Saturday, 6 October 2012

Celebrities caught on Camera appreciating boobs

                             Chrsitina Aguilera and Hilary Clinton**whats on your mind Clint?**

                                     Salma Hayek and Oliver Stone **I wish i could grab those gal...oh d paparazi**
   Scarlett Johansson and Wooden Allen ** Take your eyes of those babes..(boobs i mean)**
    Kanye West and Kim K..**oh those gals have bn exposed one too many time**
     For a teenager i think is allowed**
    That is one womanizer  am sure** Ashton and kutch
   Ann Hathaway and Stanley Tucc **Never new gaymen fantasize about them gals**
   Mick Jagger and Dita von-Teese ** Who wouldn't gaze after the Teese (i mean Tease)
   Kristen bel and Russel Brand **those eyes look like they wanna pop out**
   Jessical Biel and Sean Diddy Combs**Eyes sayz it all**
   Sophia Loren and Jane**Such inde.......**

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