Saturday, 9 February 2013


My trip to Lagos was thoroughly enjoyed, went to Balogun market for coral bead shopping and i always love the energy the market has to offer, I have been enjoying the energy since i was a child and will never be bored by it.C

                                            Coral beads on display!!

                                 Agbalumo ( i understand there is no english word for it)
                                Pomo ( Cow skin) my father's fav

                                Orishirishi on display ( Cow intestines)
                               Orishirishi in clearer picture
                                    Cow legs.......the cow leg pepper soup is irresistible
                               Panla/Stock fish.....the most expensive fish in the Nigeria market in my opinion
                                   smoked cat fish and affordable stock fish
 I actually went all out to take a photo of TATASE, because i could not lay my hand on any outside the shore of Nigeria.......Please do drop a comment if you know what other names they are called....they are def not ball peppers.
                                            Tatase peppers

                                Palm kennel

                                Ugwu/Pumpkin seed

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