Saturday, 21 September 2013


My first time ever  at  any Pageant and i must say it was all worth it. A well put together and well attended event here in Dar es Salaam. Women in different shapes and sizes were in attendance, men also were not left out. Thirty young and beautiful Damsels participated in the Pageant but of course only won emerges as the winner......And the Winner is No 10????? can you believe it i don't even (Nigerian English) KNOW her name...i am sooo sorry but will update later, just to chip in i knew about the event a day before, and getting to the event on the D day i was told the ticket was sold out, being a Nigerian that i am i hung around until i manage to get one, and that took almost 3hrs of my time...well that is HI-STO-RY....'COS I HAD FUUUUN







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