Monday, 26 May 2014


As my vacation to Paris and Mallorca comes to an end.....I must confess that I have enjoyed everything these places has to offer; the history, architecture and most especially the food, both in 3 star and small local restaurants. Here is a collage of what we ate.

   The 16 menus below are part of a 
   tasting lunch menu. Mostly vegerian in 
   a creative new way. It was worth very 
   penny. Lunch €140 pp, dinner was like 
   € 300 pp. for me personally I think to
    have these lots for dinner will be a bit 
    too much. Having said that I enjoyed 
    every bit of it.

Food from Mallorca Island

My first taste of Paella was in Andratx, it wasn't great I think it was too touristy

    Ravioli in curry sauce... Was too heavy 
    for me
    Healthiest food I ate during this vac. 
    Chickpea salad

    Best Squid salad on the planet... Melt
    in your mouth like bu'er.
    Lunch! Chicken pineapple and goat
     cheese crepe in Manaco

    Gigantic lunch ever' only managed the 
     goat meat which is the best I've ever 

    My boo ate this enormous Suckling  

   Suckling Pig on a platter

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