Friday, 9 November 2012

Fruits Combo that keep you away from prescription drug and hospital

 I have been drinking these fruit combo for some years now and hence i can confirm its health benefit. If you combine drinking this fruit combo and my previous post (bitterleaf and Ugwu/pumpkin leaf) i think no illness can tye/get you down.

Good for the heart.
Its a good source of potassium (helps nerves and muscle function)
Good for the kidney
Has antioxidant ( helps reduce some sort of cancer)

We all know orange is rich in vitamic C ( helps fight resistance against infections)
It alsoe contain good level of vitamin A (souce of anti-inflammatory and immune modulator)
Also a souce of B-complex ( maintain healthy skin and vision)
Also contain good amount of potassuim and calcium

Help lower blood pressure
Contains potassium thus allowing for healhy amount of calcium in the body
Helps reduce the effect of diarrhea and constipation
High in vitamin B6 ( about 36%)

Helps increase quality of protein in whole organism
Revitalise the human body and maintain energy and vitality
Boost the immune system
Helps prevent cataract formation and many more.

Antioxidant protection and immune booster
Has anti-inflammatory and degestive benefits
Helps proctect against muscular degeneration and many more.

Passion  fruit
Is a good souce of dietry fiber
Good level of vitamin C and A and many more

Optional: Yogurt

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